Broderick & Associates - Educational Consultants
Thank you for your interest in our website and services. We are Western New York's foremost independent educational consultants in school and college planning.  
I'm glad that you found us, because we enjoy helping parents whose children need to be in settings where they can begin to thrive. We can support you as we navigate the waters between where your child is now, and the goals you have for your son's or daughter's health, behavior and well-being.
We must add a hint of caution for those independent souls who research the web and make choices for their child based on what they find there, or on the experience of a friend of a friend. You are about to make an extensive investment of time, money and emotion in your child's life. Our fee is a very small percentage of that investment, and for that you get our decades worth of experience with a substantial number of programs and clients. Though no one can guarantee results, Broderick & Associates can guarantee that you will have a choice of the BEST programs that fit your child's needs. And we are proud to say that EVERY parent who has followed our advice is pleased to have worked with us.
Set up a consultation: 716-228-8404 or email me at

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